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Rosemary hydrolat (Hydrosol Rosmarinus officinalis L., Lamiaceae 1000 ml)

The scent of hydrolat is less sharp than common plant scent. Its efficacy in the preparation of natural cosmetics may be attributed to its skin regenerative property. It aids in calming irritated skin and treating inflammations. It is useful for steam baths and warm skin care compresses. It blends well with hydrolates of geranium, camomile, and immortelle. As an ingredient of room fresheners, it has a beneficial effect on concentration and attention, and it maintains the level of nasal mucous moisture and keeps respiratory tract clean.

130 kn

Hidrolate of juniper (Hydrosol Juniperus oxycedrusL., Cupressaceae 1000ml)

The scent of juniper hydrolat is bitter sweet, remiscent of wood and dry. It has diuretic properties. It is useful for improving blood circulation and it is an active agent in body disinfection and purification programmes. It is common ingredient of piling preparations and anticellulite compresses. In skin care, it is useful in a form of a clansing tonic for greasy and acne skin. In combination with clay and citrus fruit essential oils, it is a perfect choice for mask preparations and mature skin care crèmes.

130 kn

Hydrolate laurel (Hydrosol Lauris nobilis L., Lauraceae 1000 ml)

Laurel hydrolat has a versatile scent, thus it is an excellent active deodorizing ingredient and mouth-rinsing preparation. It keeps gums healthy and protects against bad breath. It is useful in a form of after shave and after depilation skin care. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It protects against infections, tones and softens the skin.

130 kn